In Order to Get Your Money Right, You Have to Get Your Mind Right!
2 Day Tycoon Transformational Experience with Mr. Tycoon & Coach Janese
  • Life changing revelations on creating and using positvie affirmations
  • Simple secrets to using the power of accountability  so you stop lingering in life and start truly living
  • All the secrets to creating vision boards that breathe life into your dreams
  • Complete and total relief from negative limiting beliefs. (Be prepared for positive shockwave)
  • Incredible visualization breakthrough techniques 
  • The master secrets to re-framing your thoughts from negative to positive for Instant change
Join Us March 23 - 24, 2019 
Country Inn Suites - Atlanta Airport North
Atlanta, GA 30344
ONLY - $997
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What You Will Experience on Day 1
Mind & Mental
  •  How to create your own LIFE Board and leave with your very own LIFE Board
  •  How to meditate
  •  How to re-frame your thoughts from negative to positive
  •  How to use the power of intention in your life to make your dreams come true
  •  How to set and map out your life goals
  •  How to use the power of accountability in your life
  •  Learn what your underlining beliefs about yourself are and why they are holding you back
  •  How to create your own positive affirmations to use in your daily life
  •  How to Dream again just like children
  •  How to ask for what you want and expect it with authority 
  •  The keys to visualization in your life 
  •  How to create the happiness in these areas of your life Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness and Friends
  •   How to share this information with your friends, families and associates
What You Will Experience Day 2
 The Mechanic’s to Creating the Wealth
  • Getting Clear on Your Vision and Creating an Action Results Plan
  • 4 Key Elements to Your Personal Change
  • How to Brand Your Self or Service to Create Boat Loads of Money!
  • Credit not Needed
  • The System from A – Z - How Creating Products that cost you only dollars to Create that you sell for $100′s or even $1,000.00′s This is the ONE I LOVE and YOU will too once you see the SYSTEM!!!
  • Own the property with long term financing in place
  •   LAST but not least how to use VIDEO and FACEBOOK, Instagram to Market your Services and Products and Other peoples Products and Services. 

After You Implement these Strategies,
You’ll Be Able To:
  •  You will walk away with your Life Board and a Plan for your Life.
  •  You will gain Clarity in your Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness and Friendships and more...
  •  You will learn how to choose freedom over burdens in your life.
  •  You will learn how to use reframing to change your thought programs
  •  You will learn the power of how Underlying Automatic Commitment can no longer stagnate you in your life.
  •  You will the how to create your Dream Life and bring it to Manifestation.

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